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Coursely payment processing

I’m evaluating the coursely template for an upcoming project and I have a few questions about how payment processing works.

  1. When a customer buys a course, is the payment then split and automatically sent to both the course creator and website owner based on the commission % set? or is it sent to the website owner who then has to payout the course creator?

  2. Is it possible to set a different commission % amount for different creators?


Hi @benjitsu,

Thanks for reaching out and addressing your questions. Yes, when buying a course, the instructor (seller) receives the payment - platform commission, that you’re able to set it up here:

Please test the Live Demo for this template, because this is the exact functionality that you’re going to receive after purchase, so you can see whether it fits your needs and if you like it. Also, check its documentation for more information and guidance. And as a small token of our gratitude - you can use my personal promo code to get you 5% off any template(s). Please use ALEX5 code at checkout and make sure it’s all IN CAPS.

Hope it helps.


Thanks Alex,

In the demo I only see one field for the platform fee for all courses. What I’m wondering is can this template be modified to so I can set an individual platform fee for different courses or users if wanted?

Hi @benjitsu, thanks for feedback. Sure, you’re absolutely free to make any sorts of changes to this template, so you can make your Bubble application look and function as you desire!