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Coursely - Paypal payment and another thing

Hello, i just bought Coursely and got some questions about:

  1. It seems it supports Stripe payments AND PayPal. For my business, that is located in Brazil, i can’t have Stripe. In the instructor profile page there is only a button for Stripe Seller, so the Paypal support is not 100%, is it? I just want to use Paypal…

  2. Is it possible to make a progress bar to each enrolled student on a class? I mean, data about where the student stopped in the course is available?

  3. Any chances of a development for a plugin for PagSeguro? (https://dev.pagseguro.uol.com.br/)

Also, is it possible to have another copy of my template to a new app?

I have removed Ziggeo and i think some functions stopped working, so i want the template again to get things working again.

Hello, @thomaz.yuji

Let me offer insight on the template in question

The Paypal integration is for checkout option in the template, sorry. If you want to use the paypal as main payment integration you could add it.

It should be possible, store the data and then show it for each student where they’ve stopped in the progress bar

No, not at the moment. Sorry, there are other priorities through roadmap. But thanks for interest.

Yes sure, there is no limit on the number of applications the template can be used for.


How can i have another copy? Because i tried and the button is not available.

you can simply create a new app based on that template