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Coursely Questions help!

hi ZeroQode team,
happy new year!
I’ve just started using the coursely template. I have few questions:

  1. how can I (as an admin) upload or insert links to the class video?(a portal where admins can upload content). I have many videos from different instructors and want to insert links/video ID from Vimeo for each of different instructor. But I don’t want to create a profile for each of the instructor by myself. And I don’t want it to be shown on the site that “this video course is created by admin…”?

  2. Searching for content. how can I redirect users to a specific title/tags/instructor name?

  3. Sign up using institution\s email address only. I don’t want users with gmail, yahoo or other personal email providers to be able to sign up? So I added condition of the workflow that signs the user up. I clicked on the main workflow, chose the option “only when”. I put only when input email address not contain…but how can I add all the personal email providers?

Thank you so much for your time and help!

@petra007, hello! Thanks for reaching out.
Please accept my apologies for the late reply :pray:

The template logic/design states that for creating a course (with the ability to upload video materials) - there should be an “instructor” user. I’m afraid, the admin user can only moderate the content, uploaded by the instructors to the platform.

To make it work as per your question - you can customize this part of the template, but customization requires solid Bubble skills. You can also create only one user and upload video materials using his account.

Here are some basic materials that can help you obtain some basic Bubble skills:


The template has a simple searching functionality (location + course category + course name), which settings you can find in the Header reusable element.

To redirect users to some course (by title), instructor profile page, or course category, you can use the “Link” element or action “Go to page”.

A possible solution - create a list of restricted domains in your database and refer to it in your “Only when” workflow condition. I think this thread might be useful:

I hope the information above will be helpful to you.
Take care :slightly_smiling_face: