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Createry a few template queries

I am struggling to find a way to show the posts in order of most recent first. Are you able to explain where I can modify this?

And how can I access the workflow for the tiers - specifically the workflow that identifies when a post is blurred out / private etc. according to the tier selected ?

Hello, @Tiara
Thanks for reaching out and for using our template.

In order to sort the posts by date, for example, you should change the Data Source and make a search within the DataBase. Please find my screenshot with an example below:

As for this, please allow me to advise you to carefully analyze the Workflow for each page, which you can find in the Buble Editor:

Make sure that you have checked the template documentation to investigate the structure and main features of the current template set up: Createry - Memberships like Patreon Template - Zeroqode Documentation

I hope it will help you in your work with this template. :pray:
In case of any additional questions will appear - I will be happy to assist you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,