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Createry template questions

I am trying out the createry template, have a few questions:

  • Post Video - I saw when you post a video, you need to use external links (youtube i suppose), so how can i create a video post which only that tier of user can watch? (if i use youtube private link then the content may be easily spread out to non subscribers.
  • Messenger - is this function available for that template
  • Anyway to crate audio post?
  • Can subscriber made a one time donation to a specific content instead of join a re-current tier?


Hi @chingn,

Thanks for reaching out. Let me provide insights to help you here.

This template is simply using Bubble’s Video element which allows you to publish whether a Youtube or Vimeo video URL. And even if you publish a private Youtube video, only you’ll be able to see it if you’re logged in to your Youtube account, but other people will see the message saying they’re able to see this video only if owner has granted access.

Unfortunately, this template doesn’t come with these features.

This template comes with a recurring payment based on a monthly donation.

However, it is important to mention that everything about this template can be customized after purchase - design, workflows, SEO, language settings etc., so you’ll be able to make your Bubble application look and function as you desire, including the one-time payment, posting audio files, messenger etc. and anything else you’d like.

Please test Web Demo and check template’s documentation for useful guidance and more information, before purchase.

As a small token of our gratitude, you can use my personal promo code to get you 5% off any template(s). Please use ALEX5 at checkout and make sure it’s all IN CAPS.

Hope it helps.


thanks Alex, so how do i publish a video which only the subscriber can watch? (If i publish a public youtube/ vimeo video, then even the non subscriber can watch it)

Hi @chingn,

Thanks for feedback. I’m afraid I cannot help with exact solutions on this matter, as it is really something suitable for your own project requirements. The idea is that it is going to be publicly visible with a Youtube source link if the video is public, this is just how Youtube works. But if you want to insert a private link, it is totally possible. This video will be available only to users that are granted access to view it.

Our template is simply using Bubble’s video element for displaying videos, but the public/private concern is handled in your Youtube account if using this implementation. If you want your users to be able to view a video on your platform only if they subscribe to/follow another user, you can simply implement this functionality in Bubble and set appropriate conditions.

Hope it helps.