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Createry Template - Subscription Tier Issue


I am trying out the purchased createry template, have two problems on Subscription Tier & one on Community.

  1. Subscription Tiers with higher price DOES NOT include any content from the tiers with lower prices, which means users need to subscribe all tiers to unlock all content. Also, whenever create a new post, I can only select ONE tier for private post. So, even if there are 3 tiers (basic > advanced > premium) and someone subscribes PREMIUM (highest price), he still CAN’T get access to post from BASIC & ADVANCED tiers (lower prices) in this case.

  2. Tier price needs to be at least $1, but I want to set a FREE tier with $0, which can also allow people to subscribe and enjoy content of a creator.

  3. Supporters interact with creators & other supporters under Community session. And they can like & comment on other supporter’s post, but I CAN’T delete post that even posted by myself.

Can you guys help with these issues? Thanks.

Hello, @SASA. Thanks for reaching out.

Let us please investigate your questions. Once I have any useful info for you - I will let you know.
Thank you for your patience :pray:



Current template tier setup implies a per-post payment, so, I’m afraid, there is no 3 tier types functionality (basic>advanced > premium). You need to select 1 tier per post if you want to make the content of this post private.
I suppose it can be changed manually, but this is quite a challenging task because it affects the template logic (advanced Bubble skills are needed).

The idea is that the user can Follow the Creator and be available to see all the content, created by the person the user is subscribed to, in his Feed section. But, if the user wants to preview some content details - he needs to Support the Creator by paying/purchasing a tier.

Actually, there is a possibility to create a $0 tier.

By the way, if you want to create free content, that is available for everyone - you can set the toggle to “Public” in the post creation page.

Post creator can delete his post via the admin-post page:

I hope this information will be useful for you :pray:


Thanks Kate.

For the free tier, I tried but could not process payment and it displayed like this

And for Community session, I mean as a ‘subscriber’ identity, I can’t delete what I post on my creator’s community page, I can’t find any ‘delete’ button here

Can you help with these problems?


Yup, that seems correct from the Stripe plugin perspective. You see, you can set from the design end the $0 tier, but you should not connect such a payment option with the payment plugin. Why - because Stripe can initiate the payment processing if only the transaction amount equals or more than 0,5 USD.
Still, the best possibility for you to have the “free tier” is to use the toggle “Public” when you’re creating a post - so the content you’ve created will be for free. Or change the tier logic and replace the payment functionality to “follow”.

Got it, thanks for the clarification :slightly_smiling_face:
Indeed, there is no “delete” post option in the current template setup. But I believe you can add it manually if you create a new button/icon “delete” and set the proper workflow.

For example:

  1. add the group, which type of content will be the Community post (make it invisible on the page load) and the “remove icon” in it - https://prnt.sc/u6ub2n;
  2. set the condition to this group to make the remove icon invisible for not authors of the post - https://prnt.sc/u6ubif;
  3. add the delete workflow (you can also add the popup “are you sure you want to delete this post” - it’s up to you) - https://prnt.sc/u6uc47.

I hope this will be useful for you :pray: :
Regards, Kate