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Creating a University Exam System in coursely template with Bubble.io?

Hi everyone, I’m looking to create an exam system for university students preparing for their exit exams. I want to use bubble.io to create a quiz system with multiple choice questions where only one answer is correct. The exam will be scored out of 100 questions and if a student scores above 50%, they will pass. If they score less than 50%, they will fail. Does anyone have any experience or advice on how to do this? Thanks in advance!

Hi @tamsgen15,
Thanks for reaching out!

Creating an exam system with specific requirements like yours can be a complex customization task. The best way to get help with this would be to post your request on the Bubble community forum at https://forum.bubble.io/. There are many experienced Bubble users who may have solved similar problems and can offer advice and guidance. Additionally, you can search the forum for previously solved questions that may be similar to yours. Best of luck with your project, and we hope you find the assistance you need on the forum!

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