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CSS on Input Elements

Hello. I wanted to know if it’s possible to change the input element’s CSS. I’m currently using CSS Tools and it’s not possible (but it works for everything else I need it for). So I’m wondering if any of the other CSS related plugins ZeroQode makes would work.

EDIT: Ok so the MoveIT plugin works for inputs but not for groups when the browser window is resized. Can you update your plugin so when the browser window is resized, the groups won’t rubber band back to their actual size? The MoveIT plugin states that you can move or resize any Bubble element but I need the groups to stay that size even if the user changes the browser window size. It works for inputs, but not for groups.

This is also an issue when adjusting the viewport height using the CSS Tools plugin. The changes are not permanent when the browser window is resized.

Thanks in advance.

Also, I accidentally purchased Move and Resize Elements for the wrong app. Please refund the $20 I spent on the SellFusion app.

Thank you.

Hi, @justlivinanotherday!

Thanks for reaching out!

Lem check this carefully and I’ll get back to asap with an update.

All the payments go through the bubble marketplace, so in this case, would be better to contact them.

Best, Juila.

Hi @Julia

Thanks for the help.

Strangely enough, I just got it to work by deleting and re-adding the group elements and putting them in another group to act as a container. I haven’t tried to replicate it yet or tested it thoroughly to make sure the intended process is repeatable so I think it should still be looked into, because this is a critical feature for my app. I haven’t tested viewport height yet again though.

Hi, @justlivinanotherday!

A have already replied in another thread.

I’ll do my best to help you! Please share a bit more details to replicate your steps and reproduce the issue. Thanks :pray:

Best, Julia.