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CSS tool - issue in resizing


i’m facing some issues using the css tools.

What i have to do
i’ve got a group (or a shape) that i want to make bigger or smaller depending on a number value in the database.

I managed to make a group change dimentions as the page loads, which is fine. To make that happen, i used a workflow: PAGE IS LOADED > CHANGE ELEMENT SIZE OVER TIME.
But i’m facing 2 issues:

1- as the element arrives to the final and desired dimentions, is goes back immediately to the original dimensions, so basically new dimensions are not kept.
2- Seems i can only reduce the dimensions of an element. If i try to expand the element - that means that i insert a value bigger than 100% or a pixel value bigger than the original dimention of the element - is doesn’t work, nothing happens.

Can you please help me?

Thank you in advance

But then i face 2 main issue:

  1. Once the group arrives to the dimentions indicated in the workflow

Hi @andrea.8.rossi,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we have tested and tried to reproduce this two issues and it is working properly, the element both keeps its new dimensions and is able to expand in size with a bigger value. Please do share with me screenshots of your app, the workflow and your database where you are trying to get data from, so I could better check the problem and get back to you as soon as possible. Also, write down what browser and OS you are using and any other additional details would be helpful :pray: