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Custom Dropdown Menu Question



I am having a “newbie” issue. It is happening with a bubble standard dropdown, and also the paid Custom Dropdown by Zerocode.

I want the custom dropdown to refresh with conditional options once another dropdown’s option has been selected.

An example would be a dropdown of categories, and then another one of sub categories.

Currently they are static options, but will be dynamic later on.

When I select a category (the first time), the subcategory dropdown shows the correct subcategories. But once I reselect a main category, the subcategory dropdown does not refresh to show the updated sub categories.

I have tried putting the subcategory dropdown in a group and resetting it, with no effect.

What little thing Might I be missing?

Thank you very much,


Hello, @troyr

Thank you for your question.

Could you please share the screenshot(s) of the conditional menu?