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Custom Dropdown - Numerous Issues

Hello @jonathan

Thanks for patience.

We pushed the update to live, please upgrade to latest version of plugin, refresh the app and give it a try!


Hi @Dumitru yes all good thanks so much for the fix!

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Thanks! :pray:

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Hello @Dumitru,

Hope you’ve had a good week. Found another bug with this plugin. Check out the following page:


The issue here is that if I choose a selected option from the dropdown, it populates as the selected option and it shows correctly in bubble whether the selected option is empty or not. However, if I go back to the dropdown and then choose the blank option at the top of the dropdown which appears by default no matter what your choices are, then bubble does not register correctly whether the selected option is empty or not. There is no selected option if a user does that but Bubble still thinks there is a selected option even though there is not.

The use case for this is that we would want to prevent a user from going forward if they populate a selected option, and then go back to the dropdown and accidentally choose the blank option at the top that is not a selected option.

As a fix for this, would it be possible to have the same option as the bubble default dropdown that “this input should not be empty” so that there is no blank option at the top?


Hi @jonathan

We’ll check this out and be back to you, asap.

Thanks appreciate it!

Hi @jonathan

We’ve pushed an update to plugin, please upgrade to latest version and refresh the app.
Give it a try!
Thank you.

Hi @Dumitru yes it works thank you!

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are you planning to add the “this input should not be empty”-functionality to the dropdown?

Hello @max

Thanks for reaching out, we’ll need to check if and how feasible it is to create this option. However currently we can not commit on timeline , atm.
Thanks for understanding.

Hello @Dumitru hope you have been well. The workflow event “A custom dropdown on value change” doesn’t work at all for me, just nothing happens. My assumption is this workflow is the same thing as Bubble’s “An input value is changed”.

Appreciate any assistance, thank you.

Hello @jonathan

I hope all is well with you too, thank you for asking!
Yes the plugin event on value changed seems like it’s having an issue , we’ve confirmed this behavior and the team is working in the fix.
We’ll provide an update asap!
Thanks for understanding. :pray:

Thanks appreciate it!

Hello @jonathan

We’ve pushed the fix to live, please upgrade to latest version of plugin, place the element and try the event and actions.
Refresh the application.


Hi @Dumitru I tested it and unfortunately you still have bugs, the issue is that when I do a value change and set a state on the element for that value change its not reliable and what’s happening is that it is not picking up the first iteration of that choice and there is a one step lag.

What I suggest doing is to just set up a simple workflow “When custom dropdown A value is changed --> set state of this custom dropdown to the selected option.” See if the right state gets set based on the selected option.


Hi, @jonathan!

Thanks for your feedback!
So, I’ve tested the case you’ve described and unfortunately, the issue is not reproducing on our side. I chose the first option - Hot dog and got set - hot dog

Then I changed for another option and got the appropriate set

Here is the workflow screenshot.

Please, replicate my settings and give it another try. If you’re still facing the issue, please provide workflow screenshots and exact steps to reproduce the issue.

Thanks for understanding! :pray:
Best, Julia.