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Custom Dropdown - Numerous Issues

Hi. I have recently subscribed to the Custom Dropdown plugin. I mainly needed this because I required a function that allowed me to disable options within the dropdown but still display them. I do not believe you can do this with native Bubble dropdown element. This works perfectly…however:

I noticed the one review this plug-in has is from a user talking about how the height of the form needs to be adjusted for the dropdown element. Zeroqode commented that was inaccurate but I am hitting the same issue.

I have the dropdown element in a repeating group. If I choose the stretch option, dropdown works fine but spaces out my RG rows even when collapsed. The standard Bubble dropdown doesnt affect the row at all, the dropdown opens over the other rows. If I remove the stretch option, my rows are not spaced out, but dropdown never opens.

In addition, I am flabbergasted that all these properties can be modified to control the look of the dropdown element BUT you cannot control the font size of the options listing. It is defaulting to a size much larger then other elements in the row and looks horrible and doesnt fit as my dropdown would have to be twice the width of the previous Bubble dropdown otherwise options break to multiple lines.

I have also tried doing through style, but the style editor for this element is very limited and does not contain all the options like standard elements.

I have also tried Rich Text Editor but that does not work at all with the element.

Am I missing something here?



Hi Keith,
we’ll look into this and get back to you

I’m having exactly the same issue with the dropdown forcing a repeating group rows to be the size of the fully dropped down list! Similar issue with fonts too.

Would be great if this could be fixed.


Hello, everyone.

We made the changes and fixes with the custom dropdowns

  1. Within repeating groups also showed in demo:
  2. Added ability to change the font size for options
  3. Removed the check mark from Enable Stretch, cause right now the height is dynamically adjusted

Please upgrade to latest version of the plugin, refresh the browser and give it a try.
Thanks for patience.

ZQ Team.

Hey guys - love the concept here, but I’m having a few issues with this one as well after buying it for $70.

First, when the element first loads, it shows up as a narrow dropdown for a split second before expanding in to the full element size. This makes the page load feel awkward.

Second, despite setting all of my backgrounds to white and text to black…

My background, filter background and text are showing up as grey.

Third, there’s no bottom border on the dropdown list.

Am I missing a piece of code on the page? What should I do to fix this?

Thanks in advance for the help and for putting this plugin together - once I have it wired in and displaying correctly I’m sure it’ll be a major upgrade from the existing dropdowns within Bubble.

Hey guys - adding a fourth issue here as I’m just testing this. It looks like the way this is constructed is adding spaces to any dropdown item that isn’t the first item on the list. Here’s an example:

If I select the first instructor and first location, a text render of that is:

If I select items further down the list, the text render turns in to:

And a fifth.

This dropdown isn’t being recognized as an input for workflows. Is that the intention?

Hello Brian.

Thanks for support and feedback.
We’ll look into the issues/requests and we’ll update here asap.
Thanks for understanding.

Hi Team Zeroqode - just checking in here to see if there’s been any progress on this. Was the issue on my side or can you guys see the same from yours?

Hi Brian, sorry it’s taking us so long, seems like the issue is on our side, but we need more time to make sure and fix if that’s the case

@brian.schuring Hello.

Sorry for delay, we pushed an update with changes regarding issues you’ve encountered.
Please upgrade to the latest version, refresh the app and give another try.

Thanks for understanding.

ZQ Team.


Just installed the plugin and I’m building a native app with the BDK native service. I noticed that the custom dropdown’s selected option does not work in mobile but it works on desktop. Basically I can’t use the selected dropdown value anywhere on mobile and it is just blank.

Let me know if you’d like more info and I can provide.


Also, I would like to buy checkbox + for a similar use and feel I’d run into the same problems as I’m having with the dropdowns, feel free to let me know if that’s mistaken.

Hello @jonathan

Would you kindly tell us what do you mean by this?

Our plugins are designed to run for web applications, based on bubble framework. Meaning they should work on both Desktop and Mobile responsive, devices.

I’m afraid we do not provide for the plugins to work with 3rd party services like BDK native service.

Could you specify which use case you’re having issues with?
Thanks for understanding.


Hi @Dumitru yes happy to explain. Just forget about the BDK native framework for a second and forget that I said that let’s just talk about bubble native on both desktop and mobile.

If I put a custom dropdown on a page with the default values value 1 value 2 etc. and then I put a text below it that says “CustomDropdownA’s selection option”, then if I go into that dropdown and select an option on desktop, then the text right below it in the desktop browser shows that selected option properly. If I do that on native mobile safari for the same page it shows nothing which means it wasn’t recognized in the mobile browser . I am using an iPhone XS on latest iOS. It doesn’t work in either the safari or chrome browsers on mobile.

I can provide videos if needed but I’m sure that description should suffice.

Thanks for the help.

Thanks for details @jonathan

We’ll check this out, we’ll provide an update on the matter asap.
Thank you.

Ok thanks apprecaite it!

Hi @Dumitru,

Any update on this by chance?


Hello @jonathan

Sorry for late response. :pray:

We’ve worked on the fix, it has already been tested and should be pushed to production soon!
Thanks for patience and understanding.

No worries and wonderful thank you!