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Custom dropdown problem


The custom dropdown’s “selected option” seems to be the option that was selected before the one the user just chose. I set an alert on value change to show me the selected option, and it always shows me what was previously selected. It seems like others would have had problems with this as well, but I can’t see anything special about what I have here…any suggestions?


Hey @shanon.hart,
I simulate this bug, it works alright for us - check the video, I think there is some errors in workflow which you create for alert element.

Please check the properties on photo, to check how it should be set up.

In case if it will not be fixed let me know, and share with me your element properties.

Thank you.


@Nikita.S m not sure, as I’ve tried it again on my mac chrome and firefox and am not seeing anything different. I have it set up the same way as what’s shown in your screenshot I believe. Settings are here:


Hey @shanon.hart, did you try to do the same with default Alert, not the AirAlert plugin?


Yes it’s the same problem


@shanon.hart that means that something is not all right with your workflow, can you add [email protected] as cooperator in your App, in that case our help will be faster and more efficiently.


That’s the only thing in that workflow, the screenshot I sent is all there is. However, I can see if I can. I may have to remove the collaborator I already have. I’ll post back.


@shanon.hart I think that you can add us without removing, cose we have Agency Plan.


Hey @shanon.hart, i have done this in your app, the custom dropdown works fine with simple alert, please check how it is seted up.

Unfortunately, he’s not compatible with AirAlert, but you can use default Bubble Alert message.

Thank you,