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Custom Scroll Bar, Hide if nothing to scroll



I just added the custom scroll bar plugin. Everything is working on the page and my repeating group : (3 COLUMNS / 2 ROWS / Vertical scrolling). I checked the box “hide RG scroll bar if nothing to scroll” but the scroll bar is still there when I have less than 6 entries in my RG ( my RG cells number).

Thanks for the help !


Hello @szczepaniak.nto,

Thank you for reaching out!

The option “hide RG scroll bar if nothing to scroll” have to work only when the repeating group has no data to show. Unfortunately, we found observed a bug, the option is not hiding the scrollbar even if there are no data in the RG. Our team will check the issue and once it will be fixed I will let you know.

Regarding the issue, which you reported in the private message. The error “Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #” appears when the field “Element IDs to apply custom scroll bar” from the Custom scroll bar element or action is empty. Please make sure you specify the element IDs and the error will be fixed.

Best Regards,


Hi @alex.grimacovschi,

Thanks for your answer ! My box “Element IDs to apply” was not empty but my ID was written in capital letters. I switch the ID from “ABC” to “abc” and it looks like it solved the problem :slight_smile: ! Everything is working well so far.

Best Regards,


Hello @szczepaniak.nto,

The bug with hiding the scroll bar when nothing to show is fixed. Please update the plugin to the latest version to have the issue fixed.

Best Regards,


Hi Alex, great thanks !

Best Regards, Nico