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Customizing Templates and Low-Cost Options?


I’m interested in purchasing the InstaMart, Eaty, and Gigster templates. I want to know if there’s a lot of customizations necessary from experience, or do the product work outside the box?

I’m personally disabled (brain injury from meningitis) and cannot work long periods of time on the laptop. So I have to be prudent on my time and energy. I’m in pain just typing this out.

I’ve read on another thread somebody needing Eaty customized and got quoted $5k minimum starting fee here on the forum. I’d like to know what type of customizations are necessary with these scripts if any.

Also, what are the low cost options if I’m hiring someone for small customization tasks. A quick look on Upwork and it seems that the typical Bubble developer can typically charge $75/hr+.

If I’m to purchase a clone script from somewhere it may cost me a few grand, but I can get ongoing support. I would also be open to developers who can customize the script for lower than the going rate than Bubble devs without locking myself into a particular platform.

I’m attracted to the idea of no code and it’s a huge sell for me due to my situation. However, I’d like to know what the commits are with the templates, and if there’s a cheaper low cost developer options here.

Hello @daveboston101

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Zeroqode community!

I’ll share insights on our products and Bubble as well. I’ll start with first question.

The templates which you’ve provided details for or any other template, is a fully functional web application that can be used out of the box, though some setting is required depending on cases like : setting the Stripe payment system on your side by grabbing the keys, or another API connection which was created for a template etc.
Most templates do come with a lock placed on admin dashboard for some actions in order to maintain the content within template so that demo user can not delete it.
However you can check the template documentation - https://docs.zeroqode.com/ to see how it set per general.

Sorry about your situation :pray: .
As for customization services, we indeed provide them, either based on our templates or from scratch as well.

We’re usually working on projects starting 5k USD to make sure we can deliver something both, us and our customers can be proud of :slight_smile: .

Read more about how this works: https://dev.zeroqode.com

Some work from our portfolio: https://dev.zeroqode.com/portfolio?ref=intercom

Our customers about working with us on https://dev.zeroqode.com/?scroll=reviews and https://www.trustpilot.com/review/zeroqode.com

To get you the effort estimates we need to have the requirements about the project shared first.

If all of that looks good - please Send us a Request and one of our managers will get back to you. https://dev.zeroqode.com/?scroll=getstarted

Alternatively you could hire any Freelance or Agency which works with Bubble here: https://forum.bubble.io/c/freelance/13
or leave request for proposal here: https://bubble.io/rfp

So you know, everything about our templates can be customized - design, workflows, database and all the settings like domain, SEO parameters etc
We recommend to have an intermediate experience with Bubble to easily tweak this template, or at least a basic understanding to be able to work with embedded functionality.

Kind regards,