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Data Analytics - what to use and how to do it


Without getting to technical into the ‘what’ of data analytics, I wanted to first find out how to do external data analytics within bubble. is this possible? if yes, (this is the what questions) what tools are available and does it make sense to use an external db like mariaDB to build data structures and use the native bubble db together for a more data centric application?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @raynellbell,

Thanks for reaching out. Sure thing, you are able to work with data analytics on Bubble.io, and integrate third-party services with the help of plugins.

You can locate all existing plugins on Bubble’s marketplace - here.

Alternatively, you can build your own APIs in case there is no plugin that can fit your needs. Bubble has an embedded plugin for building APIs at your own - API Connector.

If you need more help with Bubble, it is best to post your request here instead - https://forum.bubble.io/ and address your questions, or find existing threads solved by community.

However, if you have some questions in regards to our products like plugins or templates, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


Thank you @alexander!

do you all have a plugin for this or can you recommend a good starting point?

Always welcome @raynellbell!

Unfortunately, we do not have such plugin, but you can check the Bubble’s marketplace for all plugins, or build your own APIs as previously mentioned. These are the only possible options as a starting point.

Hope it helps.

@raynellbell just to add here - if you are looking for some Data Analytics solutions per se, you can check our Google Analytics plugins:

All our products have a Demo app which you can test, as well as preview its editor to see all available features and how things are set, before purchase.