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Data repeating group intersect with or merged with

Hello everyone, I’m trying to set the data returned to me by 2 external APIs as the data source of my repeating group as I will then have to use them within my repeatin group to show them to the user. Now my problem is the following:
If I try to use both merged with and intersect with I get an error, which tells me I’m trying to get a getAllCouponForUser list but what I’m asking is empty. How can I fix this? the point is that maybe the type of content I am setting is wrong, but I don’t know how to insert that I expect objects.

Hello, @edmondum.
Please accept my apologies for such a late reply :pray:

I’m sorry but your question is more related to Bubble functionality, rather than to Zeroqode services.
Still, I’d like to help you so let me, please, suggest you take a look at these Bubble Forum threads:

Also, it seems like your content type and data source are simply not matching. + repeating group can accept only one object (1 API data source), so it seems like it won’t be possible to merge 2 data sources into one).

I hope it helps. Take care.