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Data Structure for HomeBnB


I am trying to learn bubble whilst using the HomeBNB template. I am looking at the documentation and the data structures in the app does not match the application. Is this on purpose or am I missing something related to zero coding that the omissions aren’t necessary to understand maybe!? Sorry for the odd question… I am just wondering and trying to understand.

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Hey, @raynellbell!

Thanks for reaching out!

To help you better, could you please specify what exactly doesn’t match?
The screenshots of the difference will greatly help us understand you correctly.

Best, Julia.

Hi Julia,

Here is the screencap

There is only 6 data type in the documentation… the image has about 10. I just wondered if those are low priority or just unused in the app?

Hey, @raynellbell!

Thanks for the clarification and your feedback!

Yes, indeed, the documentation looks outdated. Let me transmit the info regarding this discrepancy to my team to fix this. Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks once again that point it out.

Best, Julia.

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Thank you Julia…

In looking at the Eventy documentation, it also doesn’t look to be complete… is it because I have not purchased the template that I cannot see the full data structure etc?



Thanks for your feedback with regards to the Eventy template. Actually, currently, we are working on updating our templates and documentation as well, and haven’t released all the updated versions yet. The Eventy is in the list :wink:
As you understand it may take time.

Best, Julia.