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Data Sync for Firebase Plugin - Read data from Firebase

I configured my Data Sync for Firebase and now I would like to know how to read data from Firebase and show in repeating group.

Hello, @andre89alo. Thanks for reaching out.

The plugin documentation can help you to understand the list of plugin functionalities and basic use cases. Please take a look:

Yes, it is possible to show the data from your Firebase account within the group/repeating group/text element, etc. You need to configure the correct data calls to your Firebase data and use them as the data source in your repeating group.

Also, the Data Sync for Firebase Plugin has the following values:

I hope this info will be useful for you :pray:

Sorry, but I read it many times and I couldn’t to do it works (it’s a bit confusing to me, I’m not developer).

@andre89alo, apologies for the late reply :pray:

I’m afraid, we do not have any courses or more detailed plugin descriptions than the plugin demo page and documentation. Apologies for the inconvenience :slightly_frowning_face:

The examples of the basic plugin usage are provided in the plugin documentation and demo page/editor:

This plugin is created for advanced Bubble users, who are working with the Firebase and have some solid Bubble skills, I suppose.

Also, I can suggest you get a bit more Bubble skills and take a look at these starting materials:


I hope this info will be useful for you.
Regards, Kate

@andre89alo did you get this working and did you find any good resources to share? I’m considering Firebase for an app that I have but have many of the same questions (and probably more) that you did. Just trying to get a jump start, thanks!