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DataTables bug size option not available

I installed the DataTables plugin and I was surprised that I couldn’t resize the Table element. I looked at the plugin example app and saw that it was possible there. I copied and pasted the element from the example plugin into my app and that did show the sizing options but it shows up as missing element when I preview the page.

Thinking it might just be a bug, I’ve cleared the cache and installed and uninstalled the plugin, so far no luck. Here are some screenshots.

using version 2.0

I can’t share the app as it’s for a client. I’d really appreciate any help with this issue.


Hello @benito,

Thank you for reaching out!

Our team will check the issue and will come with a solution ASAP.

Best Regards,


Please try to update the plugin to the latest version. There was a bug that should be fixed by the latest update.

Best Regards,

That worked perfect, thanks for the fast response time.

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