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Datatables demo doesn't work

Dear Zeroqode Team!

I would like to inform you that the following Datatables Demo does not work: https://redubleplugins.bubbleapps.io/datatables

It’s referenced from the Bubble Forum here, so it’s confusing users (like me :slight_smile:): https://forum.bubble.io/t/embedding-datatables-net-into-bubble/34799/5

Hello @david.bruehlmeier

The demo location has been changed, unfortunately we can not edit closed threads or other old threads like that where we did no participate.
Sorry for confusion.
You could always find our demo and documentation on our official page:

Plugin editor page:

Please check out our pages :slight_smile:


Thanks, Dumitru! I did find the official (new) documentation after all and I fully understand that you cannot change the old threads. However, I strongly suggest you remove the non-functional demo on your side. People find stuff on Google and follow links… You risk losing business because users will think your stuff doesn’t work.

@david.bruehlmeier Hello.

Thanks for pointing this out, we’ll indeed need to make changes for those pages which have been outdated for some time. :pray:
I believe google’s indexing method some time can become troublesome for users.


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