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DataTables Header Wrapping Issue


Thanks for the recent changes to the DataTables plugin to allow resizing and the “Use max height” option. I have found a small issue when the “Use max height” option is enabled and you have a large number of columns in your table. When header titles wrap lines it will push down the controls at the bottom of the plugin. For example here is what the plugin looks like with headers that are just one line:

Now, here is what it looks like with headers that wrap two lines, the control is partially obscured:

With headers that wrap three lines the controls are almost completely obscured:

Add finally with Headers that wrap four or more lines lines it completely obscures the controls:

This issue only seems to occur when that particular option is used.



Hello @AZDryHeat

We’ll check this, and be back with an update on the matter asap.
Please bear with us here, it may take some time.