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Date Time convertor use inside API Workflows


I purchase the Date time convertor and I would like to know how I could use it inside an API workflow ?

In API workflow, we are not able to add inside the design page the Date/time convertor so that option is not possible.

FYI, My end goal is to be able on a daily basis to update a full table (with all my users) with a date coming from Stripe that is on UNIX format and I need it to be converted into a format that Bubble can understand.

Thanks a lot for your help,
Best regards,

Hello, Arnaud
unfortunately Bubble doesn’t allow plugin calls to be triggered from API workflows

Hi @levon,

Just bought it and I got the same issued. Do you think it can be a workaround to create a specific page with the plugin and then, call that page with the date value (as text), transform it to the desired value? or pass back to Bubble? It maybe too slow for CSV import… Now that Bubble permit server side, do you think ‘Date Time convertor’ can be upgrade?

HI John,
we’ll think of upgrading it but not in the near future

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