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Decode QR Code?

Hi, just downloaded the QR code plugin for Bubble and love it, got it working well for scanning and capturing the QR code. However, couldn’t figure out if there is a way to decode the QR code, so as to get the underlying data and access it in Bubble.
For example, my QR code represents an HTML string with a number of parameters, and I’d like to access those parameters in Bubble.

Hello there @alex1,
You can check how to set up the QR Reader here.
Then to save result or in the Database, or in custom state, it’s up to you.

If something isn’t clear for you, let me know I will explain you more detailed.

Thank you,

Sorry, I didn’t explain my problem accurately. I’m able to capture the link from the QR code no problem. However, the link that I capture is a shortened link. What I actually need to do is to convert a shortened link to the actual full address and then access the parameters in that full address. Sorry, not really a QR issue.

Hello there @alex1, could you please add [email protected] to collaborators, for our analitycs team, they will check how to fix this issue, and I will be back of the matter.

Thank you,