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Dedicated page or Responsive feature: which way to build a Nativa App?

Hello all. I’ll start a new project that will be mobile first, but of course, it will have its own desktop version. So, I’m studying how to build a Native App to anticipate what I can to build it in the most suitable way possible.

My question is: should I build a web version and pay a lot of attention on its responsiveness features, so that it will fit nicely in a mobile format, or should I build directly in a mobile format?

Which are nice practices here?
Which advices would the community give me before I start building it in bubble?

Tks in advance!

Hello Felipe,
welcome to the community!
Both alternatives are possible, but here are some cons and pros
Building a separate page for mobile would be easier but if you plan to have both mobile and desktop version it would be more efficient to build one page for desktop and make it responsive - that way you won’t have to update 2 pages whenever you make any changes.
Please let me know if you have any other questions