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Delete thing and delete it from linked lists


How do I properly remove things from the database?

Can you just delete a thing, or do you need to additionally “remove” this thing from the lists in which it is present (in another table)?

In the template I’m using, I can see that the “remove” operation from the linked list is not being performed. Only deleting the thing is done.

But if I don’t “remove” from the linked list, then searching and counting related items shows 1, even when the list is empty (visually).

I can’t figure out if this is a bug, or do I need to “remove” from the linked list before deleting the item?

Hi, @Andrey!

Thanks for reaching out!

I’m afraid it is not quite clear what exactly are you trying to achieve. Could you please clarify a bit here like what template do you use, screenshots of the result and any additional screenshots that might be useful to understand what is going wrong.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Best, Julia.

Hello. I am using Coursely template.

Am I correct in understanding that before deleting a “thing” from the database, there is no need to do the “remove” operation from the lists of things?

Most likely it is. Then I just ran into a certain Bubble bug.

Now I have solved the problem by performing a “remove” before deleting.

But I will be very grateful to you for clarification. Am I correct in understanding that when “things” are removed from the database, they are automatically removed from linked lists?

Hi, @Andrey!

Yes, that’s correct. But it is important to understand that whenever you delete the thing from DB it will disappear from all the tables linked to.

If you are running into the bug, then would be better to reach out the bubble support directly, because the issue is related to bubble functionality: https://bubble.io/support .

Yes, that is right. But If you delete the thing from the list, not from the DB, then it will disappear only in this list.
For instance, you have a thing- Category which is type- List of smth and it is linked to the thing- Products. Let’s imagine that there are three Categories- white, blue and yellow and you’d like to remove the yellow one using the workflow: make changes to a thing and remove yellow. In this case, the Yellow Category will be deleted only, but the thing- Category will remain in DB.

Hope I was clear enough and this was helpful!
Best, Julia.