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Demo erroring - Box.com Storage User (Oauth)

I’d like to buy the Box.com Storage User (Oauth) plugin but the demo has this error…

It is technically working, but this is pretty glitchy.

Is this plugin maintained?

Hello, @lowlymachine
Thanks for reaching out and sorry for this inconvenience.

Surely, this plugin is maintained and workable.

Allow me to mention that this error was reproduced not by the plugin, but by the platform. Currently, we are checking this point with our team :pray:

I will revert to you with an update immediately after fixing this issue. Thanks for the understanding.

Best regards,

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Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.

I installed the plugin this evening and it needs an update I think. It is asking for scope which box calls unsupported in response:

Hello, @lowlymachine

Unfortunately, we are not able to visit the provided link:

In order to investigate this case, can you please provide us more details ( screenshots or a screencast) regarding the appeared issue?
I’m afraid that we can’t advise you any steps without details from your side :pray:

Looking to hear from you soon.
Best regards,

I should have edited that link as code. This is all that is visible… the error returned in the url.

Hello, @lowlymachine

Unfortunately, but provided error code is not enough in order to investigate this issue. Please share with us not only this code but and detailed description of how you achieving this result. Thus, please provide us the next information:

  • The screenshots of the plugin settings;
  • The detailed description of each step, which you are reproducing;

We will try to reproduce all your steps and define an exact reason for the reproduced issue. Sorry for this inconvenience. :pray:

Best regards