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DevShop Admin Page Errors

Hi there ZeroQode team,

Hope you are all doing well! I’ve purchased a template “DevShop” and am pretty disappointed with the quality of this build. Overall for $200+ you should get atleast one fully functioning feature (as per almost all of your other builds), and believe that this template should have an improved admin page. I’ve purchased a bubble plan today otherwise I’d say please update the template and I’d reinstall it but now I request that if possible you fix the admin page and functionality within my personal bubble app?I’ve included a video showing the errors upfront without touching a single element on page.

best regards,

Hello, @jackbrandt788.
Thank you for the purchase and your feedback on the Devshop template by Zeroqode. :pray:

Let me please comment on your feedback and provide some info.

First of all, we regret about the experience you have. Indeed there is one issue with the design on the demo template page for witch we are taking responsibility (Team section) - we will fix it within the template asap. The rest seem to look normal:

Regarding the “no workflows” issue on the admin page. As you can see, the admin page has a red banner that warns users about the restrictions on the dashboard page, created in security reasons. Imagine, if we leave the dashboard page fully functional there would be no test data because some user might remove it accidentally.

That’s why we set up a security restrictions on the admin page to prevent unwanted data changes. We have also prepared a detailed guide in the template documentation that explains how to remove/overcome the restrictions. So, there are workflows. But they have security conditions. Please take a look at it:

Please pay attention to the Setup Guide and Things to Note tabs. They are quite essential:

We hope all our users are checking the documentation on the product they have purchased because we did our best to make it convenient for our clients use our products :hugs:

About the responsiveness of the index (home) page. We will review it too but still, it looks a bit better that on your screen record. Can you please share what device/os/browser(version) you were using?

Thanks! We will fix the issue with “Teams” tab on the dashboard page and review the responsive design on the index page and let you know once it’s done.

For now, please try to create a fresh app and use the Devshop template as a base and let us know if you still see the same issues on the freshly created template copy. Or check the demo template.

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there Kate,

Thank you for your detailed response!

I’ve recorded a video showing the process of fixing a few of the elements. I’m confused on how we can say “the rest look normal” when the admin page is completely broken when received (as shown in video).

As stated, I’m pretty disappointed but am willing to keep the template if your team can login as support and fix it on my end without me having to create a new app. Please confirm this and I’ll add you within the app.


“Make your page look good, on any resolution, and any device” - the template index

But there is no responsive design on the template, it’s all fixed…

Here’s an example of what responsive design looks like.

Best regards, appreciate your time!


Can you please try to create now a new app and use the Devshop template as a base for it? After you do this - please tell me if the same things are present there. I’d also appreciate it if you record a video with the editor/preview pages that you have found issues on.

I’m afraid, the things you are reporting are not present on the current demo app so I presume you are reporting issues from the old template release version.

Thank you :pray:

@jackbrandt788 ,

Our company policy states that if there are issues with the template that we sell (issues, appeared before the user customisation) - we fix those issues for the template itself, but not within the user’s template copy. Support team is not responsible for fixing issues inside user apps. Template fixing is a field of the template developers responsibility.

We are currently reviewing the template to fix 2 found issues reported by you and any other possible issues and planning to push an update this week. If you please, bear with us and wait for fixes. :pray:

As per the Bubble platform logic, you can see the updated template version only if you create a new template copy. And even after we roll out the Devshop update, you will still have to create it to compare setup of the fixed version with your existing app (created of this template).

If you would like to go with refund process, then please contact Bubble Support team directly since all template/plugin sales are managed on their platform. Zeroqode, as a publisher on their marketplace, is not able to track/manage purchase transactions and do refunds:

Please note that Bubble has no-refund policy, but if you explain to them your situation they may do an exception for your case.

I’d like to suggest you wait for template fixes. I can assure you that the template version I can see on the template demo is not in that bad condition (it is responsive) as the copy you have so it should not take much time for developers to fix the template. :slightly_smiling_face: