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Disable Multiple Selections in AirCalendar?

Hello - I am setting up an aircalendar date picker in mobile view. Is it possible to allow the user to select/click only one date at a time, instead of allowing them to drag/select many dates? In my case, I am accidentally selecting many dates when trying to swipe down on my phone when only one date is necessary.

I have played with the ‘event press delay’ and ‘press select delay’ settings and if I set those high, then I cannot easily click on a date at all.

Thank you!

Hi @user1, thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately, the plugin itself doesn’t allow to do such checking (if event duration is within one or multiple days).
But, such functionality can be realized through Bubble workflows that will do this checking through conditions (register if an event is created within a day or few days).

Hope the provided hint helps. In case there will be any other plugin-related questions that I can help with, please let me know :wink: