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Disable Paid Plan on Link in Biography Template


Could you give me some guidance on how to disable the Paid Plan and integration with Stripe for the Link in Biography Template?

I will not be offering the Paid Plan versions or the Pro to users, it will be completely free to them so I want to enable all features without having the user pay.

I just purchased it last night and I’ve done changes in development but it will not let me publish live unless I integrate Stripe.


Hello, @juangb87
Thanks for reaching us.

Firstly, please Uninstall the Stripe Plugin from your application by reaching the “Plugin” section:

Then, you will have to study the logic of the template (payment, paid plans, etc.) and remove each action related to payment in turn.

Please note that to be able to make these adjustments, solid Bubble skills are required. For that, allow me to recommend our Zeroqode LAB website, there we have a lot of useful free and paid courses that should be helpful: https://lab.zeroqode.com/courses

Many of them, especially those that cover the no-code basic principles are free and will allow you to know more about Bubble platform functionality.

Also, useful information in this regard you may find here:

Hope all this will help you.