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Disappointed with Zeroqode Social Share Buttons plugin

I’m having difficulty with Zeroqode’s Social Share Buttons Plugin for Bubble. The buttons don’t render in the position where I place them in the Bubble editor, rendering at least 5 pixels lower than where they should be. Unfortunately I am working in very tight spaces on my website and so cannot ‘compensate’ by placing the buttons in the editor above where they should render.

Does Zerocode update their plugins on feedback? It cost $20 but for me is basically unusable atm.


Hey, there!

Your feedback is enormously valuable to us so we greatly appreciate you taking the time reaching out to us!

I am so sorry to hear that you have troubles with the plugin! I have tested the plugin and indeed the icons are placed lil bit higher than they have to be in the editor. But when I tried to place an icon over the plugin element it looks quite normal


Could you please try to do the same in order to test?

Additionally, please try to group plugin element and another icon in a group. That should help also.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind Regards, Julia.