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Discoursely Template

Just installed the Discoursely template and with the sample data it appears the New, Top and Latest buttons don’t appear to be working correctly (nothing loads or changes when selecting them) I had made a few mods and then to be sure I hadn’t messed anything up I installed into a fresh new app and same issues seem to there. Any ideas?


Hi @jrmayhew,

Thank you for feedback. Unfortunately, the bug is not reproducing on our side. To solve this issue, you could do it by:

  1. Creating another app and following the exact steps to make sure everything is configured properly
  2. Testing the application among different browsers especially Chrome/Firefox/Safari
  3. In case you experience similar issue, I would like to ask you to send screenshots of the problem and console log of your browser. Also, please provide us with additional information like Operating System and browser you are using

Hope it is helpful!

Best regards,