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Display a list of tomorrows events from a google calendar


I’m trying to find my first quick win with Bubble. I want to display a list of all events from my calendar that are happening tomorrow.

I noticed that you guys here at Zeroqode are the makers of the plugin “Calendars from Google” so I thought this would be the best place to ask.

I want to be able to display the Title of the event and the summary underneath it. For up to 10 events.

From my understanding, I must create a repeating group to do that?

I have created:

  1. Created an oauth in the google consolde to do this and added the ID and secret to the settings of the plugin
  2. I have the calendar ID for the calendar I want to dispaly tomorrows events for.

I am literally stuck after this point.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,



Hi Colin,
did you check our demo page for this plugin? I believe it should give you a good understanding how it works,
take a look here https://zeroqode-demo-11.bubbleapps.io/google-calendar
and editor mode: https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=google-calendar&id=zeroqode-demo-11&tab=tabs-1


Hi Levon,

Thanks for the fast reply. I hadn’t checked those pages as I couldn’t find where to find them. Out of curiousity, where is the navigation to get to those pages? It just wasn’t visible to me at all.

Checking them now. Hope to get one fine from this point :slight_smile:


After checking the demo I feel may be it isn’t able to achieve what I need?

I don’t want to log a user in to check his calendar, I just need to list the events that start “tomorrow” from a calendar in a drop down list. Without any authentication from the users side.

Is that possible? What am I missing here?


Hi Colin,
the demo link can be found at the Zeroqode plugin page: https://zeroqode.com/plugin/google-calendar-+-offline-1504096048797x789449841875615700
and the link to this page can be found at Bubble’s plugin page :slight_smile:
you can’t access calendar of a user without the user being authenticated first. That’s not plugin’s limitation but Google’s security measure


Can’t I authenticate a user in the backend of the page?

I mean I know it’s possible to do it outside of Bubble. My website http://esports.haystack.news runs from a google calendar. I’m trying to basically replicate this site in Bubble now.


how can you get user’s access through the backend? If it’s your own calendar that you want to use and no-one’s else then it might be possible that you authenticate once and then the app accesses your account. Or you could also get a service account (sort of a corporate google calendar account) - we have a separate plugin Google Calendar Service Accounts plugin for such cases


It is my own calendar that I want to use but I want everyone to be able to access it just by loading the page without having to authenticate anything.

The GCal service account plugin looks as though it is probably what I am after. However, where can I find more documentation on it? It has this:

NOTE: You require a google service account with JWT credentials to use this plugin

It then goes on to say you are able to help with this but at a cost of course, which I understand, as time is money and expertise even more so. However, I feel that at the core of the code free movement is a “do it yourself” mentality and this part defeats the at purpose. So a little documentaiton on how I might be able to do this myself would go a really long way. It would actually lend itself to getting a sale for this plugin faster as I would have more confidence in setting it up myself.

Look forward to your reply.


I also can’t seem to find the demo for this plugin? Both on the zeroqode plugin page and the bubble plugin page, both mention a demo but do not provide a link to one? Am I missing something?


The calls are basically the same in both plugins, only the authentication part is different, so we didn’t setup a separate demo page for this plugin yet. we have a tool to simplify obtaining the JWT credentials and we charge a small fee for that https://pbservices-gtools.bubbleapps.io/
however you could simply google around to get step by step instructions how to obtain one
hope this helps