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Display my contacts in RG

Hi :slight_smile:
So, since 2 days I try to display my contact in a RG list…

I found this test page, but my contacts don’t appear, is it normal ?

I have installed the plugin in bubble, created the Oauth2.0 put the App key/secret in the plugin

People API

RG :

Cell :

I don’t understand why it doesn’t work, if someone can help me and save me ! :slight_smile:

PS : it’s not a google workspace account, it does’t matter ?

Hi @benjamin.rigouste, thanks for your message.

Please check which of the two plugins you are using, as we have two of them:

The first screenshot relates to the Google Contacts + Offline Plugin demo page (small fix applied, now it should show contacts properly): https://zeroqode-demo-03.bubbleapps.io/google-contacts

Your screenshot with the RG setup relates already to the Contacts from Google Plugin free version.

In case you are using the Google Contacts + Offline Plugin, please use the RG setup settings for setup reference:

Hope the provided hints will help. In case any of the issues will persist, please let me know :wink:

Have a nice weekend ahead!