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Docusign extended - Documentation


I bought your Docusign extended plugin, but can’t find any documentation about it, only a live example. I’m using the “Create & Send enveloppe” action, it works with one signature. I’d like to configure 2 signatures but I don’t know if it’s possible.

I also can’t find with api endpoint of docusign is used. Could you help me on this @alexandru.rusnac @zeroqode ?

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

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Hi @alexandre.boulme,

Thanks for reaching out and using our products. You can find some instructions on plugin’s page here:

  1. Get your account, keys & add your app here - https://admindemo.docusign.com/api-integrator-key
    How the Key should look in the plugin settings:
    {"Username":"Your Account Email here","Password":"Your Account Password here","IntegratorKey":"Integrator Key from your Dashboard here"}

  2. Use the built in calls to Create, Edit, Send & Retrieve your signed documents.

And simply check the demo how everything is set up and perhaps replicate on your side the workflows.

If you want to configure multiple signatures, you can simply use the actions multiple times, or pass the JSON with multiple objects instead of a single one:

Hope it helps.


@alexandre.boulme did you succeed? I would like to use 2 different signatories too. Thanks for your feedback

Yes, you can adapt the example of Alexandru ( the picture), in the json “signHereTabs” is an array, just put two objects inside to have 2 signatures. :slight_smile:

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don’t you have to add 2 emails and 2 names either? How the flow is working? In sequence?

My case was a bit different from yours, I need 2 signatures from each signatories and had 2 signatories.

If you have 2 signatories, then you should have 2 objects in the “signers” array, and if you need more than one signature from a signatory then you should put one object in the “signHereTabs” array for each signature.

The process is done in parallel I think.