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DocuSign Extended Plugin Integration with Bubble.io

Good morning or afternoon,

I am trying to use the DocuSign plugin on bubble.io but I am running into issues. Here is my story:

I am trying to update a template with live data then create an envelope (using DocuSign Create and send envelope), Then I want to create a console link so that the updated template shows all updated fields from the previous api call to assure everything is correct(using create console view link), lastly I want to use an embedded signing to allow my client to sign the document(using DocuSign embedded signing).

I am using the json specified on the DocuSign api explorer to edit the template inside the envelop rather than doing a template update or the documentation shown in the plugin. I am doing this so each time I can grab a blank template I already have on DocuSign, insert live data and package it in the envelope, then console link and sign. I am receiving an error that the plugin isn’t instantiated or I get no error and the json seems to work but there is no effect on the DocuSign (doesn’t create an envelope but seemingly passes json with no error message on bubble).


I need a fix to the issue or perhaps a better way of archiving my goal: 1. Edit Template & Create envelope 2. Create console link so that users can view documents in app 3. Sign document

Hi @erick1,

Thanks for reaching out. Sorry but could you please share the exact steps to reproduce the error so we can replicate on our side to see whether or not it is plugin related issue, as well as the error itself so we can see it. You can send some more screenshots or do a screencast.

Please send the JSON code as text instead of image, so we can simply copy and paste it. :pray:

I shall await your reply.


Step 1:
Set up the API calls: Create & Send envelope. Create console link. Embedded Signing

Step 2:
Create and Send Envelope:


Step 3:
Create Console View Link

Step 4:
Embedded Signing

I am trying to provide a client with view of the template in the envelope with updated data from the app. The user simply needs to see the document in-app then use the embedding signing to confirm the document has the correct information. I simply want to access the template edit the text fields with my app data, show the edited document in the app and then have the client sign.

json data:

“envelopeDefinition”: {

"emailSubject": "Please DocuSign: MyOMMA.App",

"status": "Sent",

"templateId": "448b9c75-67e2-412e-a171-087d1c45bc00",

"templateRoles": [


    "email": "[email protected]",

    "name": "John Doe",

    "roleName": "Doctor",

    "tabs": {

      "textTabs": [


          "documentId": "1",

          "pageNumber": "1",

          "tabLabel": "fName",

          "value": "John",

          "xPosition": "84",

          "yPosition": "184"



          "documentId": "1",

          "pageNumber": "1",

          "tabLabel": "lName",

          "value": "Doe",

          "xPosition": "282",

          "yPosition": "184"








The return url is not shown but I have one and it works fine.

Ok @erick1,

Thanks for the workflow steps. We can try to set it up on our side now. I understand your app goal, but could you please show what the error is that you are facing? What is the problem you try to solve? Because it is not clear yet, unfortunately. Is there any error the plugin throws on preview?

These details help us understand way better what’s going on :pray: then get back to you asap.


Hello @alexander I also have a query I am using docusign extended and want to view docuemnt inside bubble application and there want to add signature is this possible. Here is my procedure

1- Someone from my company uploads the pdf file
2- There are group of reviewers who will review it.
3- After reviewing each member will sign the document
(Here I want each member to click add signature button and then in bubble app open the document and add signature in the app)
4- After signing the document by each member that document will be considered approved.

Is this possible in bubble? Or How it’s possible I will be thankful If you can tell me some solution thanks.

Hello, @emi. Thanks for reaching out.

You can display the document inside the Bubble app via the iframe/HTML element and allow your customers to sign the document. Please note, that it is possible to sign the document only after your customer receives an email with the invitation to sign a doc. It is not possible to skip this email step, as per DocuSign’s official documentation.

Hope it helps. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face: