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DocuSign Extended Plugin Integration

I am currently trying to use the DocuSign Extended Plugin for the following goals:

Goal: I am create an app for a client. In the app I need to edit a template and create envelope. I then need to call embedded signing so that the client can sign from within the app.

Step 1: Create and send an envelope

I am going to update the template with live data from my application. The json will have a client user id as to allow embedded signing.

Step 2: Embedded signing

I then need to display the envelope with new live data added from the previous step. Once added I need the signing ceremony to complete the document.

Step 3: Envelope view

Once both steps are complete I want to show the client the completed document with all data and signing shown.

I want to display all of this in app. I do not want to redirect to emails or dousing. I simply want to edit a template I have store in docusing with live data then sign the document and show the client that all information is accurate and the document is ready to go. I am looking for the best way to about using the api calls. I have tried the following methods but I am not sure to show the document with in my application.

Steps I have tried:

Hi @erick1,

Your goal seems to be pretty straightforward. The only thing I can suggest on this matter is checking the DocuSign API Reference when creating an envelope, because you are not allowed to send a JSON the way you want but rather using their envelopeDefinition object in the appropriate way. Please use this link here for more information.

But please note that plugin action is throwing an email you need to open for DocuSign redirect. Our demo setup can show the exact way it is working properly here, but for custom implementations I’m afraid I cannot share exact solutions based on your use case, unfortunately, as it is beyond our support services.

Perhaps this doc section will be helpful.

Thanks for understanding. :pray: