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Docusign plug in

Hello guys,

I am writing this post to ask about some technical details for the API that i want to implement in my bubble app. Api Authors : docusign Api link : https://www.docusign.com/
This is an api for digital document signing like pdf’s. I have checked several other API’s but only this suits my needs.
First let me describe the issue i purchased your Docusign plugin: (https://bubble.io/plugin/docusign-extended-1544956410273x710726037912158200)
I have installed it in my bubble app but unfortunately this plugin does not cover all the functionalities that docusign provides. I want to implement there specific functionality. The documentation for functionality i want to implement is below: https://developers.docusign.com/docs/esign-soap-api/esign101/embedding/process/
We have to custom build this functionality some how but bubble also not provides us with the backend code. So we are having issues. sending request to this specific endpoint of API and then retreiving the response and then showing that response in an iframe.
I would like to know if you faced this issue during the plugin development.

Many thanks,

Hi @lmsp,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we do not take custom requests for plugins, but we’ll consider your inputs as a future improvement of our existing plugin, if feasible. :pray:

Perhaps the only workaround would be using the API Connector at this point in case it is urgent for your application.

Thanks for understanding.