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Does the multifile plugin support creating private files?

The std bubble plugins for file uploads offer the ability to secure the file via private URLs - and this is configured in their plugins.

Can the zeroqode file uploader create private access files in this way?

Hi @james.puddicombe,

Thanks for reaching out and providing interest in our products. Yes, our Multi-Uploader plugin has this feature. The Bubble’s default file uploader has a Make this file private checkbox that being checked allows you to Attach to a Thing. You can find more information here https://bubble.io/reference#Elements.FileInput.private.

For our plugin, please check https://zeroqode.com/plugin/multi-uploader-1550378962519x766759789228458000 with its demo and documentation so you can test it before actually purchasing.


Hi Alex,

Thank you for your quick support.

On the basis of your confirmation I have bought the Zeroqode multi-uploaded plugin. It has more fields that in the documentation, but I can see no ‘Make this file private’ option. However there is a ‘Attach to’ feature. Is this the same thing?

Many thanks,

Hi @james.puddicombe,

Thanks for feedback. Yes, as previously mentioned our plugin doesn’t include the ‘Make this file private’ option per se, but it includes the ‘Attach to’ and checkbox for enabling this feature. Please check https://bubble.io/reference#Elements.FileInput.private for more information on how the Private features work on Bubble.