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Does the Tweedly Template Require the Twitter User Oauth plugin?

I’ve purchased the Tweedly Template and the Twitter User Oauth plugin. Currently, the plugin is attached to a different project. For the Tweedly template to work, do I need another copy of the Twitter User Oauth plugin? Alternatively, if I trash the project currently using the Twitter User Oauth plugin, can I add it to an app using the Tweedly Template?

Thank you.

Hello, thanks for reaching us!
Unfortunately according to bubble licensing, one plugin is per one app.
“Buyer may access and use the plugin in the single application it was bought for.”
Please refer to the following page, https://bubble.io/marketplace-policies .
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Thank you @VitalieProcopan. To confirm: Is the Twitter User Oath plugin required for the Tweedly Template? The template documentation says it includes user authentication, but I didn’t see some of the steps in the documentation about configuring callback URLs or configuring API keys that I see in the documentation for the oAuth plugin.

Thank you.

Hello again, @cbrady77586

No, the plugin is not required for template.

The user authentication means that there is a flow for user to signup on the platform via simple signup/signin form :slight_smile:

Tweedly is a no-code template the likes of Twitter, but Twitter User Oath plugin is for integrating Twitter in your application for different means if you need it.
See more details about Twitter Oauth 1.0a - https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/basics/authentication/oauth-1-0a

Hope this helps.

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