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Doors admin panel

dashboard is working after update api connectors

user count is correct, but first and last name not showing

listing also working in live mode only.

dear support please fix the fetch of names,


Hello there @info_ptmx, could you please to add [email protected] to collaborators to your app, I will check this issue onto your app and we will find solution to solve the issue.

Thank you,

sorry @Nikita.S I am current on personal legacy plan which does not allow me to add.

we have an agency account so you can still add us

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love that @levon adding now

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Hey @info_ptmx, we found how to solve your new issue, you have to change data source and datatype for the highlighted group here, the datatype should be User, and Data source should be Do a search for Users.

Now checking the Listing functionality.

Thank you, I will be back ASAP.