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Doors template to issues to fix

hey @Nikita.S

I can’t find any info for this issue, please advise

Works fine in test, after when live and changing google api shows this .besides adding api is there anything else to do or is there more than one module to enable ?

Thanks for all answer

Hello there @benny.ptmx, so on please provide me a screenshot of the console of your browser, I need to check the error message for solving this.

Also please provide me a screenshot of map element settings if you changed them, and check please does your live database isn’t empty, it’s the usual problem when user didn’t copy data type from dev to live, and this may be a cause of different issue.

The best way to fix all the issues is to add [email protected] to collaborators of your app.
And I will check the useful information and will come back with a solution.

Thank you,

here the one for map @Nikita.S

pictures load on test,

when live fails just keep asking for pictures

even in safe mode say can’t complete create new listing

pls help fix this, thanks @Nikita.S. aslo add your email as collaborators

Perfect, thanks @info_ptmx, right now starting to solve your issues,


Fix the map thing already FYI

Edit, sorry I forget to enable billing and api for map

hey @Nikita.S, I found another one that I really can’t fix. its in the api flow for photos do not delete

tried all the available options but can’t resolve thanks again

Hello there @info_ptmx, we have found the solution for Listing creation functionality, so on you have to copy Numbers data type from dev version to Live, and the problem will be solved, you will be able to create Listings.

Now will check the issue with photos_not_delete Endpoint,
Thank you,

Hey @info_ptmx, the issue with photos_not_delete is solved, this is an expired WF, you have just to delete this Endpoint, and this one action from confirm button Workflow.

Thank you for reaching out,