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Down For Maintenance

I’m having an issue with the Down for Maintenance plugin not displaying iframe on my bubble account (I’m trying to play a vimeo embeded video on a page). I’ve reported the issue to bubble and here is the response:

Thank you for reporting this, I believe that the behavior is caused by some odd side-effects that the “Down for maintenance” plugin by Zeroqode has.

For some reason, the Down for maintenance plugin element has some logic to add code to the page that hides all “iframes”, so your video, also being inside an “iframe” (by design), will not display.

I would suggest that you either remove this element, or contact Zeroqode about this since I believe this is either an oversight on their end, or undocumented behavior from their plugin.

Hello, @bailey
Thanks for reaching us.

We tested the Down for Maintenance plugin with the Iframe element and it works well.
I suppose that you missed something in the syntax used for the Iframe element and the plugin just couldn’t read the information.

Please find below the screenshot with current syntaxis for the Iframe with Video, which is displayed on the page:

Hope my answer will help you.