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Drag & Drop Reorder RG Plugin - Issues with Dynamic change of the DragrableRG Element data source

I need to achieve the following functionality:

I have a “pages” selector that when selected displays a list of options (see image #1 y #2) that are unique to each page (a concept similar to Linktree) and can be sorted according to the user’s need.

I am using a single page web application architecture, so no page refresh is performed and we use show and hide groups according to the required functionality.

The problem we have is that erratically sorting the options for each selected page sometimes works and sometimes does not.

I have been able to diagnose that the “New Sort Of Item” status value of the DragableRG Element sometimes gives a value that varies between:

(a) a single value.
b) a duplicate value with another item in the list.
c) a null value.

I am assuming that the DragableRG Element is getting confused by dynamically changing the data source parameters defined in the “Things” and “Sort Data” parameters.

Looking for the solution I have configured in the DragablleRG Element the parameter “Repeating Group ID” with a variable value (custom state) that takes a different value depending on which “page has been selected” and also this value I use it as ID of the Repeating Group that shows the options of the selected page.

This is to make the DragableRG Element realize that the data sources have changed.

This has achieved that the reordering of the options of each page works well, but when you go from one selected page to use another, the reordering functionality stops working (the DragableRG does not work) and you can not drag and drop the options.

To resolve this situation the browser page has to be refreshed, so I gather that the DragableRG Element requires a full reload to take the new Repeating Group ID.

Attached are some screenshots of the settings I have to achieve the latter result.

Is there any way to achieve the above functionality using this plugin?

I appreciate the support in this regard.

Image #1 - Page 1 selected and the options for that page are displayed, so that you can reorder or add new options.

Image #2 - Page 2 selected and the options for that page are displayed, so that you can reorder or add new options.

Image #3 - A single Repeating Group is used to display the options for each selected page, changing the data source criteria.

Image #4 - The ID Attribute of the Repeating Group is changed each time the selected page is changed.

Image #5 - In the DrabbleRG Element a variable (custom state) is used to indicate the Repeating Group to use, which is only one but we vary the ID Attribute according to the selected page and vary the criteria of the parameter “Things” and “Sort data”.

Hello @luis,
Please accept my sincere apologies for the delayed response. :pray:

To be able to investigate your particular use case and speed up the process, could you please add our Support Team email to the list of collaborators to your application and provide me a link to your application? Please also mention on which page and which scenario should be tested so that we can see the issue.

This will allow us to run some tests and check if it’s possible to achieve your goal.

To add our Support Team as a collaborator, you need to do the following steps in the Bubble Editor:

Settings > Collaboration > Add email support@zeroqode.com

Note: avoid the warning message regarding the plan, as we are an agency and you can easily add us to your collaborators.

Thank you! Looking to hear you soon.


Hello Gulce. Thanks for the support.

I have added the support@zeroqode.com email to collaborate on the application.

I have sent you a private message with the application link and additional information so you can replicate the required scenario.

The scenario to achieve is the following:

It is a functionality of link pages, a similar concept to the “Linktree” application, with the difference that you can have several link pages (Host Links Pages), where each link page has its group of links (Host Links Pages Details).

  1. We have a Custom Data Type called “Host Links Pages” which contains a list of link records in the field “Links Page Details List” which is a list field.
  2. We have another Custom Data Type called “Host Links Pages Details” which contains the information of each link.
  3. The link pages (Host Links Page) are displayed in a Repeat Group to select which one you want to reorder.
  4. When they are selected, the links of the selected links page (Host Links Pages Details) are shown in another Repeat Group.
  5. You should be able to reorder the list of links.

The problem we have is that it does not allow reordering. It does not work.

Thank you for your support

Hello @luis,
Thank you for your patience. :pray:

We’ve updated the plugin and fixed the mentioned problem. I’ve also checked your test page and everything seems fine now. Please check it on your end and let me know how it’s going. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,

Hello @Gulce

I have already reviewed the configuration and have tested both the test page and the implementation within our app and it is working great.

Thank you very much for the support, you are the best!!! :grinning: :+1:


Great! @luis,

If you like our plugin, you can rate it by going to the Plugins tab in the Bubble editor by sharing your experience with the rest of the Bubble community. You can find the plugin by name and give it as many stars as it deserves :slightly_smiling_face:

We would appreciate it a lot.

If I can help you with anything else, please let me know.

Take care!