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Drag & Drop Reorder RG

This Plugin is awesome. The question I have is what is the best way to set the initial “order” field of a data type? I am currently using the count items in the RG and making the “order” plus 1 of that number. however, my thoughts are that if I delete items in the RG then the count +1 won’t necessarily make the new item the last one on the list. Is there a best practice example of how I should handle this?

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Hi @rt1

Thanks for reaching out.

We recommend using the settings for the plugin displayed on our demo page and editor, here is the link: Zeroqode-demo-23 | Bubble Editor, regarding your use case, can you please show us the settings of your repeating group and database and what are you trying to actually implement? As it is quite difficult to understand without a visual demonstration of your use case.

Looking forward to your reply.