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[drag & drop to reorder RG - not working]

I subscribed to drag & drop to reorder RG and it looks fine in demo page.

I read all forums about reordering RG but saving is not working correctly. Also, debugger shows some error in plugin

I’m making a work out log app and I want to use this plugin to nested repeating groups.

I made a test page and recorded video below.

error video - YouTubehttps://youtu.be/caVJtXNkmHE

In the video, saving is not working correctly and it shows plugin error.

Also, When I apply this plugin to nested repeating group, It break downs like second picture.

A routine is list of exercise (repeating group of exercises) and each exercise has a list of sets (repeating group of sets)

How can I fix this? I need help
Thanks in advance

Hello, @79iug12
Thanks for reaching out.

Please allow me to note that your error means that the configuration of the plugin within your app is not correct.

To use the plugin in the way you need, please allow us to provide you with an example and some advice on getting the required result:

  • Let’s say we have two RG, one named LIST and the second named TASK, and two plugin elements. For this case, you need to place 2 different plugin elements on your page (each of them should be related to the specific RG).
  • For your first RG, you need to set the ID, as indicated in the plugin’s documentation: Screenshot by Lightshot
  • For the second RG, your ID should be created in the next way: Screenshot by Lightshot
  • This setup will allow us to address each RG that is nested within the general RG.

Please use the Plugin Demo Page for setup example: Zeroqode-demo-23 | Bubble Editor

Hope it will help you.
Best regards,

Thanks for good support!
I followed your setups

I’m having difficulties making that function :sweat_smile: too
Some questions below…


  1. What should I do with workflows? Do I have to make another workflows?
    I made this two workflows and don’t work for me.

  1. Should I set initial value for Order? I don’t know how to setup with Order first

I decided to not using nested group, instead I will open a popup for new sorting like the video below.

I followed demo page of “Sorting mode” and made settings & workflow like below.

(repeating group)

(draggable rg)


Sometimes the Order is not calculated well and When I drag and drop an element, the “new position” value gets set to the same value as an adjacent item, so after just a few moves, all rows in the RG have the same “order” value.

How can I fix this?
Thanks for your support!!

Hello, @79iug12

Due to the fact that we have some additional questions regarding your settings, can you please add our Support Team email to the list of collaborators to your application and provide me a link to your application? This will allow us to check your settings and run some tests to fix the mentioned problem.

To add our Support Team as a collaborator, you need to do the following steps in the Bubble Editor:

Settings > Collaboration > Add email support@zeroqode.com

Note: avoid the warning message regarding the plan, as we are an agency and you can easily add us to your collaborators.

Looking to hear you soon.

Thanks! I added support@zeroqode.com

You can see my intended function in “scratch” page.
Hope you can find error and help me :slight_smile:

ps) I’m trying to use drag&drop rg to “Group log” but in order to test plugin function, I made “scratch page”, You should add “l=1649385902413x424289095889453060” like link below for preview.

sorry for the wrong link

You can see the link above @Ecaterina

Hello, @79iug12
Thanks for the provided access.

We have analyzed your application and unfortunately, we can’t upload all your data and test fixes, which were made.
However, please find below the description of the possible reason of your error.
You did not sort the value itself, so the data was not calculated correctly.

When the data was uploaded to your RG and sorted:

When you command the plugin to sort by record id, you also get them sorted:

Since the plugin passed the sorting value itself, it did not sort it in the right way.
Thus, it turned out that for the first cell with sorting 10 (for example), another value was taken 20.This behavior reproduced the error with dragging and calculating within your app.

Please try it now and let me know about the result.
Best regards,

Thanks for kind explanation!
Unfortunately the same issue happens after fixing like the description above :joy:

After some movements, all items have Same order like the previous video.

You can test this function in this link after login as test account

please login as this test account, in this link

id: 79iug12@gmail.com

and go to link below for test.

Are there anythings that I should have to do with initial order value for each item?

I just made workflow that when I add one-exercise (draggable element) to repeating group , the one-exercise has the order of (the last item’s order + 0.33) in order to place the one-exercise as the last item when sorted by the order.


Hello, @79iug12
Thanks for the provided credentials.

We analyzed the plugin behavior within your application and found the error.
Unfortunately, it is related to a plugin’s code, so we are working on fixing it.

I will revert with an update immediately after deploying the new version of the plugin. Thanks for the understanding.

Best regards,


I need this plugin function and hope to get the update news soon!


By this message, I would like to notify you that we have fixed the error in the plugin’s code and upgraded the plugin version in your application.
After a short test, we can approve that the calculation works properly and plugin behavior is correct :slightly_smiling_face:

Please check it on your side and let me know about the result.
Best regards,

It works perfect!!
Thanks for nice plugin

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Really happy to hear it :slightly_smiling_face:

If you like our plugin, could you please rate it by going to the Plugins tab in Bubble editor? You can find the plugin by name and give it as many stars as it deserves :smiley: I will be grateful to receive your review :pray:

The more feedback we get, the more motivated to build great plugins :smiley:
Thanks! :pray:


I’m using this plugin for my native app with bdk

It works well in android and web, but in ios
it sometimes doesn’t work. Sometimes it work well but sometimes it doesn’t work.

Can you check for ios environment?

Hello, @79iug12
Thanks for the question.

Please allow us to highlight that all our products (both templates and plugins) are web products first, so they work properly in web applications. There is no guarantee that any plugin will work in the converted with the BDK application.

For this reason, the strange behavior of the plugin on some devices could be reproduced by incompatibility. I’m afraid that we can’t help you with fixing this behavior on your side.

Please note that our team released the Air Native service, using which you can convert your application into the native. This solution allows you to use the Native plugin , which will help you boost the native experience of your Bubble app, so it feels as close to an Android and iOS app as possible. The Air Native Plugin allows you to implement the native features within your Bubble editor, so any plugin will work properly in your app.

You can reach the BDK team in order to discuss this behavior within your application :pray:
Hope it will help you.
Best regards,

Hi there,

I am also having the following issue with this plugin:

Please advise!


Hello, @thrillho
Thanks for reaching out.

As I can see, you are trying to use the Select RG Cells by Dragging plugin within your application.
In this case, that error means that the plugin element is hidden or not visible on the page, so the action could not be performed.

Please check if the plugin element is visible on your page ( and it is not overlapped by other elements).

If it will not help you, please share with me the screenshots of your current plugin settings, so I will replicate them on our page and will test the behavior.

I am looking to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,