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Draggble Elements plugin setup

I’ve just subscribed for the Mouse & Element positions + Move = Draggable Elements plugin but I’m unsure how it should be configured.


  1. Added the ability to add id’s to individual elements
  2. Added id’s to the 4 elements I want to track
  3. Added the EndUsersControls Element to my page (along with the 4 element id)

but I’m unsure where to go from here.

What I’d like to do is save the coordinates of elements dragged over an image then save the location so that the next time the user loads the page the draggable elements appear in the same location specific to the thing it’s related to.

Happy to provide more context here eif needed.

Hello, Cory, we’ll set up a demo page and I’ll inform here once it’s done

Hello, again
we have set up a demo page for you https://zeroqode-demo-10.bubbleapps.io/mouse-position
forgive the design please, we’ll improve it, but meanwhile i think it will give enough understanding how to set it up in your app
hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks! I think I was able to get this part before. I guess my question is then how do I save this location so that the next time I load the page the element is in the last saved location?

just use a workflow to use plugin’s states and save them in the database, and on a page load you can check if there are any records in the DB for a particular user and if they are trigger the action to move the element. Makes sense?

Hi @levon i want to purchase this plugin , i am trying to save the new element’s position , the new position savable in the database , but i don’t know how i can trigger the action while the page is loading to display the new element position , please check the steps i have made

Kindly support
Thanks in advance

did you check this demo page?

yes levon , i did , i used the same workflow , i am stuck on display the new element position , i checked this page " https://mousey-mousey.bubbleapps.io/ " but even in this page when i click on the orange button "save Current position " the new position not save !

  • You mentioned in the earlier post " if they are trigger the action to move the element " , the record for the new position is exist in the DB , but how i can let the element display based on the new position ?

Hi there, @ciscotreasure

Please try triggering the action Element to X Y on Page Load Event, on the left side you you set the element id, and on the right side you add your saved position values.
The element should move to a new position on X,Y axis.

Demo: https://zeroqode-demo-10.bubbleapps.io/version-test/mouse-position?debug_mode=true

Hope this helps.
ZQ Team.