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Dropdown link with multiple choice selection

Is there a way I can make a dropdown option multiple-choice where they are able to select more than one answer/selection?

Hi @theforefrontatl,
Thank you for reaching out, we kindly appreciate your interest in our plugins.

Unfortunately, the Advanced Custom Dropdowns Plugin supports only one selection at a time.

I’ve added your request for multiple selections to the plugin backlog improvements list and we will investigate how feasible it is to implement the requested feature in the nearest plugin update.
Once it happens - I let you know, but, at the moment, I’m unable to provide you with an approximate time estimate since this feature request is a low priority.
Thank you for your understanding. :pray:

In case I can help you with any additional information - let me know.
Best regards,

Hi @theforefrontatl,
Thank you for your patience and cooperation. :pray:

I’m glad to announce that we have updated the Advanced Custom Dropdowns Plugin to Version: 1.20.0. and added multiple-choice selection with its own customization style tab.

Please update the plugin inside your app to the latest version and let me know if it worked.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.
Have a great weekend ahead.
Regards, :slight_smile: