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Dropdown options not showing on Windows devices

A user has reported that they can’t see the options in a dropdown unless the option is being hovered using the mouse.

They are using Chrome on a Windows device, whereas I and my colleague are both running Chrome on Mac and are not experiencing this issue but also cannot recreate it.

Here is a link to the web page: https://the-noticeboard.bubbleapps.io/version-test/search-results

Here’s how it displays for me on my Macbook:

And how it displays for our user running Windows (apologies this isn’t a proper screenshot, but it’s the best they could do!):


When hovered:

Any advice hugely appreciated.

Hello, @charlieb. Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please try to set the background color #0F052F for this drop-down and let me know if it worked? Go to your dropdown style settings and change it to none (blank like variant), then change the background color.

I hope it helps :pray:
Regards, Kate

That worked, thanks Kate!

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That’s great, I’m glad to be helpful :slightly_smiling_face:
Feel free to reach us out when you need some assistance.

Also, if you have such desire, would you kindly rate our Classify template? This will inspire us to create more nice templates :pray: Thanks!

Regards, Kate