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💬 DuoChat Messaging App - New Course at Zeroqode Lab


We have just published a new course at Zeroqode Lab that covers how to build a fully functional chat application to integrate into your existing Bubble app or use as a standalone product. Features: conversations, messaging, notifications and more.

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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I Love the this course and the app is working great.
The lesson pace is perfect!

The only thing I’m missing is the ability for users to archive or/and delete messages. I would say that this is the only feature that prevents me from putting this chat in the live app.
Thank you!

Hi Caio, thanks a lot for the feedback!
but you could add that feature yourself :slight_smile: that’s why we created the courses - to teach users how to build apps from scratch or modify existing ones :slight_smile:

@levon Great Stuff!! I encounter a big problem when I Group the text and image cells in the repeating group “conversation” (step 6 in the tutorial) I think the problem in my case is that I have 2 different user types (users and subcontractors) I have tried to make 2 groups and work with show/hide in the conditions tab but it won’t work… any ideas how I built a messaging system that allow users to communicate with eg. subcontractors and vice versa? Appriciate your inputs :pray: :blush:

Hello @peter5.
Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the late reply.

Let us please check your request. We will get back to you asap, after the investigation. Thank you for understanding. :pray:


Hi, @peter5!

I’m so sorry, but I’m not quite sure if I’ve got you right. So, if your request is more related to the changes that you are trying to implement bypassing courses, meaning your own custom implementation, then I’m afraid we cannot give you step by step instructions а how to do this, because it is beyond our support services, sorry.
But if you have troubles with the course, meaning you are doing step by step and something is going wrong then, could you please explain in more details what exactly problem you encounter watching the course to help you better?

Best, Julia.

@Julia I found a solution, thx :grinning:


Hi, @peter5!

Oh, that’s great :+1: I am so happy for you :slightly_smiling_face: Anyway if you do have questions, feel free to contact us!

Have a great day!